The South Florida Disciples is a "Performance Team".  A performance team is a team where playing time must be earned.  Players are not guaranteed to have equal time on the court just by being on the team.  There may be games where your child may play a lot, a few minutes or no minutes.  This depends on your child's playing ability and how his playing ability matches up with the competition.  In our inaugural season there were times that the Head Coach played players regardless of their game play; as we move forward into our second year your child's play  in practice and in the game will determine his playing time.  The Head Coach will determine how much each child will play.  If you disagree with the manner in which the Head Coach is playing your child, then you may want to find a team that you feel meets your family's expectations. 

If you decide to find another team, you will be given a refund for the services you have paid, but have not received.  With practice, the hope is for each child to be able to play competitively in each and every game.  However, complaints about playing time will not be tolerated; there are no hard feelings, but this isn't the team for your family.  The Disciples will play an up tempo, pressing-style of basketball.  In order to do this, we must have players who are in shape and have a DEEP bench. 

Here are some key ways to earn playing time from the Head Coach.  The following lists the "Six Principles" of being a Disciple of Basketball:

  1. Hustle - In practice and in games; you must always try your best.  Walking to practice stations, walking to the bench during timeouts, and walking during the games are NOT acceptable.  Diving on the floor and playing aggressive defensive is a MUST.  The coach should not have to continiously direct you to hustle.  If you choose to walk and jog on the court,  you can just walk or jog to the end of the bench.       
  2. Defense - If you want to play, you must play DEFENSE.  This means 110%.   The Coaches can direct you, but you must want it! 
  3. Listen - Listen to what the Coaches are asking you to do. Focus during timeouts and during practice.  Goofing off and playing around is a direct path to the bench. 
  4. Sportsmanship - Regardless of the score, regardless of how much you play, always keep your head up and congratulate the other team.
  5. Practice - "What we talkin' bout, we talkin' bout practice man, not the game, but practice".  That's right Iverson, practice makes perfect.  Giving a full effort in practice is a good way to get the Coaches' attention.  You give a full effort in practice by trying to come in first in drills, paying attention, concentrating and doing the drills correctly, and communicating with teammates.  Earn your time, be competitive with your teammates in practice, maybe you can take their spot in the rotation.  The Coaches feel that if you are not giving a full effort in practice, that you will not give a full effort in the game.  If you do not give a full effort in practice, you may not even get an opportunity to display what you can do in the game because the Coach's only perception of you is your lack of hustle in practice.   
  6. Have Fun - Don't be afraid to make mistakes.  Mistakes are a part of learning.  I want ALL players to play free and love the game.  Don't get down on yourself if the Coaches correct you and get on you when they feel you are not giving "your" full effort.  Our job is to make you a better player and push you as hard as you can go!  You brush it off and give your all!