Some may ask, where did the name South Florida Disciples come from.  I know that I have been asked that question by friends and co-workers. Well... Bulls, Ram, Heat, Lions, Tigers, and every other animal were already taken.  So I had to come up with an alternative.  I started to think to myself...Dwight, what is your goal in starting the team?  Well, I wanted a team, which displayed sportsmanship, dedicated themselves to the sport of basketball, and respected the game.  I have seen times where players and coaches have not represented these values and I always thought it was a disservice to the kid.  Therefore I wanted to develop a team that upheld the integrity of the game and played the game the way it is supposed to be played, while having fun doing so (so call me OLD-SCHOOL). 

Based on this, I envisioned a team that would be Disciples of the game of basketball; a team that would follow the tradition of proper basketball etiquette.  Therefore the name, The South Florida Disciples was born.

Well there you have it, the origin of the name.  Be on the look out for the Documentary on PBS about the “Origin of the Disciples”.     


And for the Carolina Blue color, I’m just a huge University of North Carolina Basketball and Michael Jordan fan!  And plus it’s the only color I look good in.

And for "Force the Rhino"; we needed some from of Mascot and the South Florida Rhinos just did not sound good.