Joining Our Organization

The South Florida Disciples Basketball Program began with one team in 2008 with the dream of expanding to other age groups.  The Disciples possess a unique philosophy and approach towards basketball, but I'm going to let you in on the secret.  Winning is not IMPORTANT.  Although we love to win and we have developed a successful program, the focus of our program is to improve the kid’s skills early in development so the player will possess the skills once his/her body grows and develops.  We believe that developing the individual skills of the players will improve the team as a whole and allow the team to be extremely competitive.  Regardless of the score of the game, we look at how the team plays.  There are times when you lose and play a GREAT game, and there are times when you win and do not play well.  We believe that the message to get to our players is to give 100% regardless of the score, and have a positive attitude regardless of the outcome.  The Disciples have laid the foundation of what it means to be a complete player.  The players will participate in community service as well as improve as a basketball player.  We pride ourselves on knowing that if your child joins our program, s/he will grow as a basketball player and person.    

The program takes discipline, commitment, organization, communication with the parents, respect of the players and family, respect of the community, and respect towards our competition VERY, VERY seriously.  We are named the "Disciples" because of the discipline that we give our players, encouraging to give the 100% it takes and push themselves to excel in LIFE not just basketball.  Coaches MUST be able to instill discipline (listening, following directions, keeping focused, not losing your cool).  These values and attributes will want positive families and players to want to join the program.  I have worked in substance abuse counseling with adults and adolescents since 1995 and I TRULY understand the importance of setting a POSITIVE environment, being consistent, and building character.  We stress the importance of TEAM basketball.  

The program is interested in Coaches who are looking to start a team or move an existing team under our Organization.  If you are interested you should review the team's program description and program philosophy.  This information can be found under "Program Info." on the navigation bar.  If you agree with the organization's mission and philosophy, and are interested in joining you can contact Coach Dwight Stephens at 954-809-5288.  Coaches must possess a solid knowledge of basketball understanding full and half court presses, traps, defensive schemes, etc.